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Here is a simple solution to make your web video player float on the webpage. You may move the web video player to any place on the webpage freely. You may even close the web video player window. Below is the link of the example:


First step: Make web videos and player

Follow user manual to make web videos and player. Link of simple steps:
After you've completed the above, upload the folder "output" to the root directory of your web space.


Project Name => Name of the published html file
"output" folder => The folder named "output" which contains all of the published files to be uploaded to the website.

For more information about "output" folder and "project name", please visit:

Now, I upload the folder "output" to the root directory of my website: http://www.web-video-player.com The project name of my web video is: "funny".

The web video will be:

Sample screenshot of my uploaded "output" folder

Sample screenshot of files under "output" folder

Second step: Make web video player float on the webpage

Download the codes from:

Unzip the file and you will get a notepad which contains the ready-made web video player floating codes. The name of the file is: floating-web-video-player-codes.txt

Open the file and go to the end to find out the part of the codes: <object></object>

Right now, go back to the "output" folder and open the html file "funny" with Notepad or other web design tools. Still, find out the part of the codes: <object></object> and copy the codes.

Now, turn back to floating-web-video-player-codes.txt and paste them to replace the codes <object></object>. Change the name "floating-web-video-player-codes.txt" into "funny.html".

Copy the just renamed "funny.html" and paste it into "output" folder to replace the original html file.

Now, upload "funny.html" again to "output" to replace the original html file on the web space.
Done! You may now move or close it on the webpage. Please enjoy:

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