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Below is the guide to embed more than one web player into the same webpage.

First, click on the link below and follow the tutorial to publish web video files for the first player. (Rename the first folder " output " to "output1")

Example of the first player:

When completed, follow the tutorial again and publish web video files for the second player, and so forth. (Rename the second folder " output " to "output2")

Example of the second player:

Open the web page of the second player and copy the codes between "<table></table>". Create a new Notepad and paste the codes. Then change the paths like this:

You may also change the paths following the guide:

Now, copy the modified codes above. Open the web page of the first player with Dreamweaver and paste the above codes into html, as shown below.

Now, upload the above folders "output1" and "output2" to the root directory of the website.

Example of the two players on the same webpage:

If you want to add more players to the same page, just follow the above same guide.

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