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Both flash player and web video player are now playing an important role on the Internet. As some people still feel vague about these two dinguses, I would like to talk a little bit more about them.


Flash Player is a cross-platform browser plug-in to be installed to your web browser to display flashes, or an application for playing flashes either on the web or your computer.

Web Video Player is a web embedded player for playing videos on the web, or an application for creating web videos with an embedded player which allows users to put videos to the web more easily.


One of the most famous and popular flash players is Adobe Flash Player. Below are key features of the latest version of Adobe Flash Player Version 10.

Top new features

-- 3D effects
-- Custom filters and effects
-- Advanced text support
-- Dynamic sound generation
-- Vector data type
-- Dynamic Streaming
-- Speex audio codec
-- Color correction
-- Drawing API - Enhanced
-- File upload and download APIs - Enhanced

As said on its official site that users may experience the unprecedented creative control with new expressive features and visual performance improvements in Adobe Flash Player 10.

One of the popular web video player tools is Socusoft Web Video Player. The principle of this application is to integrate your video with a player together with relevant output codes to be embedded into HTML of your webpage. The streaming videos on your site can be played directly and instantly due to an embedded player.
Key features summary:

-- GUI is easy to navigate
-- No time or other key limits
-- Support most video formats
-- Single/batch video input and conversion
-- Quick editing of video file properties
-- Cool themes for web videos
-- Rich parameter settings for web videos
-- Show/Hide of video play list and playback feature
-- Extremely easy to publish web videos and embedded player
-- Convenient to get ready-made files for Dreamweaver or FrontPage

Flash Player and Web Video Player have become necessary parts among multimedia, web design and Internet tools. They both will bring a lot more benefits to people.

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