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Navigation Menu bar

The main window contains three main sections. They are "(1) Video", "(2) Themes" and "(3) Publish". This is the middle menu bar. There are another two menu bars: top left menu bar and bottom right menu bar, as shown below.

Top left menu

View >Video Page -- > Switch to "(1) Video"
View >Theme Page-- > Switch to "(2) Themes"
View >Publish Page-- > Switch to "(3) Publish"

The "Edit" menu shown at the screenshot "Img Edit" has the same function with the shortcut buttons shown at "Img Shortcut Buttons" below.

(Img Edit)

Bottom right shortcut buttons

(Img Shortcut Buttons)

Publish Video Player-- > Switch to "(3) Publish"

Open Output Folder -- > Open the Folder named "Output" which contains all of the published files to be uploaded to the website. "(3) Publish".

The shortcut button shown below at the third step "(3) Publish" has the same function with one above.


The purchased users need to register the program to get full version. The registration method is as follows: Run the program and go to Help> Register.

There will be a registration dialog box. Input the name and registration code. Then click "OK".

Please go to FAQ section for more information about registration name, product key, full version and more.

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