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"(2) Themes"

In the window of "Themes", there are different styles of player templates for you to choose to meet the style of your websites.

Online Template Preview:

Functions of "Customize Properties" Panel

Launch the program, switch to "Themes" and then click the button "Customize Properties" at the bottom right corner. You will enter the default parameter setting panel "Global". There is another one "Thumbnail". You may preview the screenshots above.

The setting panel allows you to manage your media files in your requirements efficiently. You can click relevant items and customize the parameters such as movie size, play mode, and color settings for your video to match the style of your website or blog.

Global Panel

Basic properties

Movie Size
Width => player template width
Height => player template height
Html Title => Title above the web video shown on published webpage (html file)
Load Style => Double click the item and choose the flash- style icon which displays while web video is loading
Hide Flash Player Menu => Hide the menu of the player
Enable Link => True/False => True: Enable the link on video
Auto Play => True/False => True: videos to be played automatically when the webpage is opened.
Auto Repeat => True/False => True: videos to be played repeatedly.
Background Color => Change the color of the player background on the webpage
Buffer Time => Video buffer time

Panel properties

Panel Background Color => Change panel background color as shown below
Button Color => Change button color as shown below
Button Background Color => Change button background color as shown below
Drag Bar Color => Change drag bar color as shown below
Buffer Color => Change buffer color as shown below
Slide Color => Displays in play mode following the drag bar as shown below
Slide Background Color => Change slide background color as shown below
Show Time => True/False => True: Display time as shown below
Time Color => Change time color as shown below

Video properties

Video Top Padding => Change the top padding width as shown below
Video Bottom Padding => Change the bottom padding width as shown below
Video Left Padding => Change the left padding width as shown below
Video Right Padding => Change the right padding width as shown below

Title properties

Show Title => True/False => True: Display title as shown below
Title Color => Change title color as shown below

Description properties

Enable => True/False => True: Display description text
Default Text Color => Change the color of description text as shown below

Add description text for the video as shown below

Thumbnail Panel

Basic properties

Thumbnail Size

Width => thumbnail width as shown below
Height => thumbnail height as shown below
Enable Background Color => True/False => True: Add background color
Background Color => Change background color as shown below
Enable Border Color => True/False => True: Add border color
Border Color => Change border color as shown below
Thumbnail Border => Change the size of thumbnail border
Thumbnail Spacing => Change the spacing of thumbnail border
Number Color => Change number color

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